As much as I love to talk about travelling and get everyone excited in travelling to their dream destination;

I want to make sure everyone travels safely during these dark COVID-19 pandemic times. Before I start, I would like everyone to follow their local COVID-19 safety guidelines and CDC travel recommendations. Safety is #1. If we’re not taking precautions for ourselves and the people around us, then how can we enjoy a sooner COVID-19 free future with our loved ones?

One of the reasons I decided to write this article was that I was on vacation this week. I wanted to spend my last weekday and drop something to my family in Ottawa. My cousin tells me that I shouldn’t be going to Ottawa because they’re now considered in the “Orange Zone” and Montreal is in the “Red Zone”

Preparations before Travelling

Full details are found in the CDC website.

3 layers of mask either disposable or washable

Wear a Mask

Our local guidelines here ask us to wear at least 3 layers of mask either disposable or washable.  No matter where you are, if you are not sure about your local guidelines, you should Google search your “city”, “country” and “COVID-19 guidelines“.  The Centre of Disease Control (CDC), suggests that we should wear at least 2 layers of masks.  Keep your mouth and nose covered when you are around others.  Make sure there isn’t a large gap in your mask. If the gap is too large, try masks smaller in size for teenagers and children. For those among us have the blessings of 4 seasons, winter can be cold and your mask can get wet.  Once it’s been wet, the mask is no longer as effective so remember to bring a few masks with you when you go outside

Wash your Hands

For those who can wash our hands 24/7, let me say this first: you are blessed.  I’m sure you have some amazingly baby soft skin by now.  Each time you wash your hands, you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap.  But for all of us others who don’t walk around with water and soap, there is always hand sanitizer.  Remember to use at least 60% alcohol content.  The higher the alcohol content, the more effective it is. I must admit, I have used hand sanitizer everyday for the past week and my hands have gotten very dry.  If you don’t want your hands to get dry, immediately right after using hand sanitizer, you should put on a decent hand cream to rehydrate your skin. 

Wash your Hands

Wearing Gloves

Wearing Gloves

Wearing gloves are not required for everyday use outside your home.  It’s more important to clean your hands often than to wear gloves.  Why do you say we shouldn’t be wearing gloves? Wouldn’t it be safer by wearing them? Technically yes, but most people, even doctors and nurses sometimes make mistakes.  It’s better to assume you don’t have this “protection” than to wear gloves – touch some thing infected and accidentally touch your face with it.

Here is a great video on why gloves won’t do much to protect you from COVID-1.

Get the Vaccine

Get the Vaccine

In Canada, there are protocols for who gets the vaccine first.  Front line workers fighting against the COVID-19 are first to take the vaccine.  Second are senior members over a certain age.   Follow your local governmental guidelines for the list of people who can take the vaccine.  Remember, the vaccine should be free and no one should be refused in taking it. .

Prevent the Spread

Stay at least 6 feet away from others and avoid crowds.  If your country has COVID Zones, stay within your COVID zone.  Avoid unnecessary travel.


Travelling During COVID-19 Pandemic

Now after this long list of persuasions, we can start the discussion on how we can travel safely for yourself and others around you.  Remember to stay within your COVID zones, wear a mask, avoid crowded areas and use 60% hand sanitizers.

Even though you may not be able to travel far, there are many very eye opening places you can go for free and safely!  



Local Parks and
National Parks

Small local parks and some large National Parks are within safe driving distances from your home.  We went to a National Park only 30 mins away from Montreal a few weeks ago.  I’ve never been there before and I can’t believe we have such an amazingly beautiful park in such a close proximity of my home.  

Mini Road Trips

**Advisory: Stay within your COVID-19 zones** Although I don’t fully recommend this but we could do a small road trip. Check the COVID zone map of your area and you can plan your next trip! Try to visit cities and towns you’ve never visited, provided travelling is allowed in your city and country.

Do an Outdoor Activity

In the winter: go skiing, skating, snow shoeing. For all the other seasons: we can go horseback riding, cycling, fishing or hiking. I’m more of a non-active person but these are activities that keep my mind active and out of the home. I think of it as a mini vacation from home.