Have you ever thought of how some people get to travel all around the world?

They always seem to be going to exotic places and try all these neat, mouth-watering foods. What is their secret and how can they even afford it? Don’t these people need to work?  I have been blessed to have travelled around the world.  Today, I will share with you how you can go to your travel destination of choice for free – or at least much cheaper than anyone can expect!  In the next coming weeks, I will release the nitty-gritty on each topic listed below. So stay tuned! 


A Job that Pays YOU to Travel

This may sound impossible if you haven’t had the chance, but this is very much possible for most people and best of all – most of these jobs do not require much experience! I have met some people who’s employer has all expenses paid on their trips that last days, weeks, months and even trips that last for several years (yes, this last one is true!). Flight, hotel/lodging, food, car rental – all travel expenses are completely FREE!

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Travel as Volunteer

Similarly to finding a job that pays you to travel, travelling as a volunteer will not only bring you to destinations you’ve never imagined of visiting but you will be helping people in need too!  There are thousands of these program durations ranging from days, to weeks to years of volunteering in various destinations where they will fly you to the destination (of course it’s a round-trip), show you around the city or town, give you a place to stay and feed you all while you are there for a great cause.


Maximize on Points Cards

Points cards and reward cards, these are all the same.  As you use the card’s services, you collect points that ultimately help you one step closer in travelling for free. There are so many types of rewards cards out there and the majority of them have focused on the credit card points.  Some cards have double or 3x the points for every dollar spent which will not only help you get to your travel destination faster but get free hotel nights, discounts on car rentals!


Loyalty Programs

Similarly to Points cards, the more you use their services or purchase their products, the more points you can rack up frequent flyer miles and car rental points for free upgrades.


House Swap and Home Stays

These are like the original AirBNB but they’re free*.  I put the asterixis here because it’s not completely free.  You have to give a little to get in this transaction.  House Swapping existed long before AirBNB opened up for business. It’s free in essence where you literally swap your home with a stranger for a set duration of time. They use similar ratings as AirBNB to make sure everyone stays honest.  Home Stays fall under several categories but they are in essence staying at someone else’s home but you would (may) be helping around the house with small chores to stay in their home free of charge.


Travel to your “mother” country for free

This section is for those of you born in another country where your parents or grand-parents come from.  There are many countries that open up their doors for their “descendants” like you to come and visit your mother country.  These programs were created to help millennials and gen-Zs to get a chance to know their heritage.



Timeshare programs will offer free all-inclusive trip to multiple sunny destinations and all you have to do is to sit through a few hours of their presentations.  After you sit through and walk away without signing up to their programs, you can sight-see, snorkel, dine and take a trip on a yacht all at the expense of the program organizers and it’s totally free for you!.