As crazy as it may sound, but there are more jobs out there that do not require much experience! I have met some people who’s employer has all expenses paid on their trips that last days, weeks, months and even trips that last for several years (yes, this last one is true!). Flight, hotel/lodging, food, car rental – all travel expenses are completely FREE! Below will be a list of jobs that start from the least amount of travelling perks to the most. Remember, not all jobs are created the same. It is up to you on how you can make it great.

Travel while backpacking

There was a documentary I watched recently of how a man travelled from Asia to America without flying where he went from East to West by foot and by boat.  He wanted to see the world and he was going by budget style!  With only $200 in his pocket, this man had backpacked and did various jobs here and there to fund his way slowly to America.  On his way, he’s met many amazing, welcoming friends and seen what various cultures this world has to offer.  You can do it too.  Some examples could be part time jobs from the city, street vendor, musician, farm work, etc.

Basic Expat Jobs

Expat means “expatriate” where you are still a citizen of your country while working in another country. There are several expat jobs that mainly require you to only speak English, a high school degree and the willingness to learn the country’s primary language.  If you’re looking into being an English teacher, then you should look into taking the TEFL certification. Examples of such jobs are Language Teacher (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, etc.), nanny, maid, cleaner, driver, foreign service. Etc.

Online Jobs

This is like remote working but here, you are your own boss.  If you have some programming talent or just plain use a website builder or maybe you have some creative talent for graphic design, then these are simple jobs out there that can easily make you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars at the comfort of any location of your choice! 

Social Media

As crazy as it may sound, you can make decent to crazy money creating content.  Everyone knows Kim Kardashian as American media personality, socialite, model, businesswoman, stylist, producer, and actress.  Kim makes $1.7 Million dollars per sponsored post.  How crazy is that?  Ok I know we’re not all Kim Kardashian.  There are many self made millionaires that were based on social media.  I will be honest, you will need a lot, and I mean a lot of followers to do this. The average social media influencer makes $30,000 to $100,000 USD.  That’s not bad for a few photos, videos and posts, don’t you think?  As an entrepreneur, you are your own boss.  The more you travel, the more content you have for your social media.  More content, means more followers, which equate to  more money! 

Travel Industry

This one is a popular one.  As a person who used to work in an airline, I must admit, there are definitely perks for travelling.  (Don’t worry, I’ll share my secrets of airlines in future articles.)  Working in the travel industry was, and still is, one of popular ways to travel for free.  Your employer brings you from country to country, where they pay for the flight, hotel, food and other travel expenses.  In most of these jobs, they only require you to speak English and depending on the job, some training.  Here you can be a flight attendant, pilot, travel agent, tour guide, etc.

Work on the Water

Yes, you read that right.  There are companies that hire people to help around on their private yacht or on a cruise. You only need to take a short course and you can work and travel to many beautiful sunny and exotic destinations!  A friend of mine was a waiter on a cruise and he’s travelled all of Europe, Canada, USA and South America in the last few years (pre-COVID times of course).

Remote Work

I guess the only good thing that Covid-19 has brought to this world is the acceptance of telecommuting / remote working from small to international corporations.  I can keep my same job but work anywhere in this world as long as I have a stable internet connection.  Not bad, eh?  Granted, it’s true, this doesn’t pay you to your destination but it does allow you to travel freely without having to stay in one location and this option doesn’t change your life too much.

Specialized Expat Jobs

This is the one we’ve all been waiting for, similarly to Basic Expat Job, Specialized Expat jobs unfortunately require some skills.  These positions usually specialized training, experience or education, where they can be a representative for the company in that region or country.  These people would have specific work or educational backgrounds.  The person I met, had worked in a country of his choice where he was stationed from 3-5 years.  After 5 years, he would choose another country of his choice.  His employer would pay his basic salary plus, flight, rental of apartment or house, food and car rental/lease for the entire duration of stay.  If everything was paid for, imagine how much money he’s saved up over the years!


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