I guess some of you are wondering why my channel has updated it’s genre. I just want to make it clear that I still work for Mercan Group of companies as their Senior Immigration Consultant and authorized immigration representative for many clients at Mercan, especially the Filipinos.

I will never leave Mercan whose focus is to help thousands of workers and immigrants to come to Canada and the United States. Most especially I will never leave the clients that I love although I don’t get a lot of chance to chat with them. I am just expanding my contents because of requests and questions from my dear subscribers which are not related to immigration anymore like, “How to be You?’ “You’re beautiful”, “you sing and play the guitar well”.

I really like sharing on social media even during Friendster days. So, in the past 14 years, I have had so many posts but mostly just pictures. So that you don’t need to search my Facebook profile anymore, here you go, I am expanding my channel so I can share my life with you, past and present. Every Sunday, I will post videos about lifestyle, travel, food, style, fashion recommendations. During Tuesdays, we will have 2-minute videos, I’d like to call it, “You’re just on you way, I’m already on my way back” which my mom used to tell me and my sisters. I’ll share Tips about any issues that I may have solved on my own which I know that if you follow what I did, your problems can be solved as well. I can give you tips about finance (as long as no borrowing money from me okay? about home, family, parenting, relationships, even quick tips for those who want to become a vlogger, or some quick tips also about immigration.

During fridays, we will have immigration related segments which is the original focus of my channel from the beginning. I still have a lot of contents to share so as to educated you so that you can create a pathway for immigration and be able to avoid scammers who are bad. I wont be able to do this without a support of my family, the boost of confidence from my friends, get ready on the upcoming segments. Then I get requests from Mercanites in Canada, at the Youtube Subscriber whose messages are so nice to read, and of course, my brothers and sisters in the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Alright, so the Marjorie Quintos that you know is, Immigration Expert from Mercan. Today, I would like to introduce myself as just Marjorie Quintos. So that at least you can decide if my new contents outside immigration are worth watching.